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    • Brigida


      Summer doesn’t have to end. Brigida knows it well. She feels like the soapy foam that morning waves leave on the sand. That would…

      Only 31 left in stock!
    • Casanova


      Passion runs in his veins. His charm is timeless. Like a good wine, he brings elegance to every situation and gets better with time.…

      Only 16 left in stock!
    • Gigi


      From the coast of Liguria, dancing the night in the sea breeze, he is the center of attention. He doesn’t need to try to…

      Only 26 left in stock!
    • Giulietta


      She will chase true love and nothing can stop her. The purity of love is the only real law that rules her existence. Her…

    • Malèna


      She is the forbidden fruit of love. Desired and admired by men and women from all over the world. Everything becomes possible when she…

      Only 30 left in stock!
    • Marcello


      A glass of champagne raised in front of a smokey smile. A suit that seems to be part of the man that wears it.…

      Only 9 left in stock!
    • Rocco


      He knows what he wants. He’s not used to wasting time. The strength is in his heart as well as in his muscles. He…

      Only 28 left in stock!
    • Rodolfo


      He’s spinning on the tip of his black dancing shoes. His smile is intense and even stronger with the red of the rose between…

      Only 41 left in stock!
    • Sophia


      When beauty meets meaningfulness; magic happens. She signed the book of Italian culture with her lips, like Leonardo with his brush. Her steps shake…

      Only 28 left in stock!
    • Viola


      She runs in the fields without looking back. The curiosity for life is what motivates her. She lives many lives at once making it…

      Only 29 left in stock!

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